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Research Article

Zuo Gui Wan Alters Expression of Energy Metabolism Genes and Prevents Cell Death in High-Glucose Loaded Mouse Embryos

Table 3

Summary of GO terms for differentially expressed genes between model and control groups.

Ontology sourceGO IDGO termTerm value

Biological processGO: 0034616Response to laminar fluid shear stress
GO: 0006525Arginine metabolic process
GO: 0034405Response to fluid shear stress
GO: 0021885Forebrain cell migration
GO: 0035914Skeletal muscle cell differentiation
GO: 0006094Gluconeogenesis

Cellular componentGO: 0022625Cytosolic large ribosomal subunit
GO: 0015934Large ribosomal subunit
GO: 0022626Sytosolic ribosome
GO: 0031941Filamentous actin
GO: 0005881Cytoplasmic microtubule
GO: 0005746Mitochondrial respiratory chain

Molecular functionGO: 0005520Insulin-like growth factor binding
GO: 0016879Ligase activity, forming carbon-nitrogen bonds
GO: 0033613Activating transcription factor binding

15 GO terms are significantly enriched by the 171 changed genes after control group loaded by high glucose.