Research Article

Sheng-Jiang Powder Ameliorates High Fat Diet Induced Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease via Inhibiting Activation of Akt/mTOR/S6 Pathway in Rats

Figure 3

Oil red O staining and western blot of pAkt, pmTOR, and pS6. (a) Oil red O staining of LO2 cell line treated with oleic acid (0.5mM) with coincubating with SJP or LY294002 or the both in prior. The images are presented with original magnification 200×. CG: control group, OG: oleic acid group, and SG: SJP treatment group. (b) Western blot of Akt/pAkt (Ser473, Thr308), Mtor/pmTOR, S6/pS6, SREBP1-c, and FASN. CG: control group, OG: oleic acid group, SG: SJP treatment group, IG: inhibitor (LY294002) group, SIG: SJP+ LY294002 group. The left column exhibited the western blotting bands; the right column showed the relative expression of target genes in experimental groups. : there is a statistical significance between groups (p<0.05).