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Efficacy and Safety of Indigo Naturalis in Combination with Narrow-Band Ultraviolet B for Treatment of Pityriasis Rosea: A Meta-Analysis

Table 2

Adverse reactions in each study.

Included studiesTest groupControl group
Adverse reactionErythemaThermalgiaItchdiarrheaAdverse reactionErythemaThermalgiaItchdiarrhea

Zhu et al. 2008 [17]333300NANANA0
Wa et al. 2010 [19]733NA4333NANA
Liu et al. 2011 [20]55NANANA4NANA2NA
Liu et al. 2011 [20]55NANANA651NANA
Sun et al. 2012 [21]11NANANA0NANANANA
Zhao et al. 2012 [22]3NANANA222NANANA
Zhao and Sun 2013 [23]33NANANA88NA5NA
Xu et al. 2014 [24]541NANA752NANA