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Ozone Therapy as Adjuvant for Cancer Treatment: Is Further Research Warranted?

Figure 4

Delayed healing after a pancreatic cancer surgery. Fifty-three-year-old female patient with pancreatic carcinoma. During 1st surgery, tumor resection was not possible. She was treated with RT and CT. During a 2nd surgical intervention, complete tumor resection was not possible due to large vessel infiltration, and catheters were inserted for brachytherapy (a localized way for RT administration). (Left) Fourteen days after surgery. Note the catheters for brachytherapy in the lower-right abdomen. At this time, there were 3 wounds indicating delayed healing (arrows), all of which are larger than 40x10x10 mm. Pancreatic cancer cells were confirmed in the wounds. Local O3T was applied together with a 3rd course of RT (2nd external beam RT—this time, with electrons). (Right) Six weeks later. Complete wound healing (despite tumor cells) was observed during the 3rd RT after 15 sessions of local O3T.