In the article titled “Zanthoxylum ailanthoides Suppresses Oleic Acid-Induced Lipid Accumulation through an Activation of LKB1/AMPK Pathway in HepG2 Cells” [1], there was figure duplication in Figure , where the second panel (AMPK) in Figure (b) is the same as the last panel (Actin) in Figure (d).

The authors explained that, at the beginning, Figures 4(b) and 4(d) were one figure consisting of p-AMPK band (first panel in Figure 4(b)) and Actin band (last panel in Figure 4(d)). AMPK band (the second panel in Figure 4(b)) did not exist, as it needed to be confirmed through a Western blot experiment. Then, the Western blot results of p-LKB 1 and LKB 1 bands, performed under the same experimental conditions, were added. At the same time, due to a mix-up, the AMPK band (the second panel in Figure 4(b)) and the Actin band (last panel in Figure 4(d)) were duplicated. They clarified they did not recognize this duplication and the figure was then subdivided into Figures 4(b) and 4(d) and Actin band (the last panel in Figure 4(b)) was added. Therefore, Figure 4 should be corrected as shown below.

Supplementary Materials

The original Western blot bands of Figures 3 and 4. (Supplementary Materials)