Figure 7: BKFE protects against PA-induced apoptosis in SV40 MES13 cells via Nrf2 signaling. (a) SV40 MES13 cells were transfected with siCon or siNrf2 for 24 h. The transfected cells were pretreated with or without 20 μg/ml BKFE for 1 h and then treated with or without 100 μM PA for 24 h. Cell apoptosis was analyzed by flow cytometry using the Annexin V (FITC)/PI binding assay. Percentage on the representative flow cytometry data indicates the early (the lower right quadrant) and late (the upper right quadrant) apoptotic cells. (b) Percentage of apoptotic cells was calculated by the sum of early and late apoptotic cells (three independent experiments). p<0.05, p<0.01, and p<0.001.