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Research Article

Efficacy of Electroacupuncture Combined with Methadone Maintenance Therapy: A Case-Control Study

Table 3

Influence of electroacupuncture on PSQI scores.

Aspects (Deteriorated vs. Improved)Independent VariableOdds ratio95% CIP value

Sleep latencyTreatment vs. Control1.260.423.59.672
Heroin dosage increase vs. remain0.570.152.17.409
Heroin dosage decrease vs. remain0.750.222.54.638
Sleep durationTreatment vs. Control1.180.403.45.763
Heroin dosage increase vs. remain0.510.112.34.389
Heroin dosage decrease vs. remain0.510.122.10.350
Habitual sleep efficiencyTreatment vs. Control0.460.111.96.292
Heroin dosage increase vs. remain0.350.071.71.196
Heroin dosage decrease vs. remain1.470.307.26.636
Sleep disturbanceTreatment vs. Control0.550.103.01.487
Heroin dosage increase vs. remain1.050.0912.98.968
Heroin dosage decrease vs. remain0.350.052.73.318
Subjective sleep qualityTreatment vs. Control0.970.332.86.954
Heroin dosage increase vs. remain1.450.385.46.583
Heroin dosage decrease vs. remain1.110.363.45.851
Use of sleep medicationTreatment vs. Control1.340.424.27.623
Heroin dosage increase vs. remain2.210.529.38.281
Heroin dosage decrease vs. remain1.690.495.85.405
Daytime DysfunctionTreatment vs. Control0.790.222.84.720
Heroin dosage increase vs. remain0.370.071.81.218
Heroin dosage decrease vs. remain0.790.183.37.748
Total scoreTreatment vs. Control1.110.432.87.836
Heroin dosage increase vs. remain1.420.454.51.551
Heroin dosage decrease vs. remain3.401.169.97.026

Control variables: age, sex, educational level, and marital status.