In the article titled “Effect of Electroacupuncture on Hyperalgesia and Vasoactive Neurotransmitters in a Rat Model of Conscious Recurrent Migraine” [1], the name of the eleventh author was given incorrectly as Brain E. Cairns. The author’s name should have been written as Brian E. Cairns. The revised authors’ list is shown above and the Authors’ Contributions section should be updated as follows:

Linpeng Wang, Bin Li, Xianghong Jing, Marc Fisher, and Brian E. Cairns designed the study; Luopeng Zhao, Zhengyang Qu, and Yupu Zhu carried out the animal experiments; Yajie Zhang and Zhijuan Li coordinated the experiments; Xiaobai Xu and Lu Liu participated in data analyses. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.