Research Article

The Cytotoxic Properties of Baeckea frutescens Branches Extracts in Eliminating Breast Cancer Cells

Figure 2

Morphological observation of B. frutescens leaves extracts treated MCF-7 cells using AO/PI dual staining at X400 magnifications. (a) Observation of morphological changes in MCF-7 cells. Viable cells are green stained cells with intact nucleus, condensed chromatin marked by intense green stained chromatin, membrane blebbing indicated by the outgrowth of plasma membrane and apoptotic cells are characterised by nuclear disintegration and leakage of plasma membrane. (b) MCF-7 cells were either treated without (untreated control) or with B. frutescens branches extracts (B90, B70, and B50) at their respective IC50 values and incubated for 24, 48, and 72 h (n= 3 independent experiments, magnification X100).