Research Article

Modulation of Diacylglycerol-Induced Melanogenesis in Human Melanoma and Primary Melanocytes: Role of Stress Chaperone Mortalin

Figure 1

Effect of OAG and TXC on melanin and tyrosinase contents in human melanoma (G361) (a) and primary melanocytes from Caucasian skin (PMC) (b). Cells were treated with OAG for 24 h followed by recovery either in control (OAG) or TXC-supplemented medium as indicated. Melanosome (c) and tyrosinase (d) immunofluorescence signals in control and OAG-treated cells, recovered in either control, or TXC-supplemented medium are shown. (e) Quantitation of the immunofluorescence for melanosome and tyrosinase are shown.