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Hydrogen Peroxide as an Adjuvant Therapy for COVID-19: A Case Series of Patients and Caregivers in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area

Table 7

Summary of adverse effects from the use of hydrogen peroxide.

IDGender and ageDate and timeRoute of administrationAdverse effectSeverity of adverse effect1Possible cause (causality)Security problem2CountermeasureConsequence of the event3

01Male, 3805/12/20 20:00 (day 2)Inhalatory (nebulization)Momentary shortness of breathMildAccidental use of undiluted solution: using 10 drops undiluted for 3 minutesRelatedOnly observation. The discomfort was mild and resolved after 10 minutesRecovered without after-effects
05/14/20 19:01 (day 4)OralNauseaMildDuring the third meal of the day, he felt nauseous when ingesting the treatment quickly and continuouslyRelatedOnly observation. The effect was momentary and disappeared after five minutesRecovered without after-effects

02Male, 4005/16/20 18:00 (day 6)Inhalatory (nebulization)Chest tightnessMildHe had eaten in a hurry, just before doing the nebulization, so indigestion is suspectedNot relatedOmeprazole 20 mg, a single dose. The effect disappeared after around 20 minutesRecovered without after-effects

04Male, 3505/22/20 16:00 (day 3)OralNausea and refluxMildGastroesophageal reflux disease (chronic) with poor adherence to treatmentNot relatedEsomeprazole 40 mg single dose per day, irritant-free diet, and avoiding prolonged fasts. Abandoning oral treatment of his own accord (day 5)Recovered without after-effects
05/24/20 19:00 (day 5)Inhalatory (nebulization)Palpitations (heartbeat)MildPossible mild intolerance due to gastroesophageal refluxNot relatedOnly observation. The effect was momentary and disappeared five minutes laterRecovered without after-effects

05Male, 1906/07/20 16:50 (day 1)Inhalatory (nebulization)HeadacheMildHe had headache, asthenia, adynamia, chills, and diaphoresis before starting treatmentNot relatedAcetaminophen 500 mg, a single dose. Headache disappeared 1 hour laterRecovered without after-effects

06Female, 2106/07/20 23:00 (day 1)Inhalatory (nebulization)Mild headache and eye irritationMildWhen nebulizing, the steam escaped through the upper holes of the mask, causing the peroxide contact with the eyesRelatedNebulization was stopped immediately, and mask openings were canceledRecovered without after-effects
06/07/20 23:00 (day 1)OralNauseaMildDrug gastritis (taking 6 drugs without gastric protection)Not relatedDelivery of medications was organized throughout the day, and omeprazole 40 mg was added in a single dose upon wakingRecovered without after-effects

09Male, 4006/15/21 18:00 (day 1)OralOdynophagiaMildPresence of prior ulcers in pharynx from upper respiratory infectionNot relatedSublingual ketorolac 30 mg, single dose 20 minutes before peroxideRecovered without after-effects

24Male, 2307/02/21 19:00 (day 2)OralSicknessMildDrug gastritis (taking 6 drugs without gastric protection)Not relatedThe dosage of drugs is organized throughout the day and omeprazole 20 mg every 12 hoursRecovered without after-effects
07/02/21 20:00 (day 2)Inhalatory (nebulization)Nasal irritationMildUse of salbutamol and fluticasone (nebulized) 10 minutes before use of peroxideNot relatedUse of salbutamol and fluticasone 1 hour before nebulization with peroxideRecovered without after-effects
32Male, 3007/09/21 20:00 (day 6)OralDizziness and bitter tasteMildPeroxide intolerance is suspected because adverse effect appears almost immediatelyRelatedReduction of frequency of peroxide to two doses per dayRecovered without after-effects

1In accordance with “NORMA Official Mexicana NOM-220-SSA1-2016” (about installation and operation of pharmacovigilance); 2in accordance with “Guía de Farmacovigilancia en Investigación Clínica” (COFEPRIS, 2020); 3in accordance with “Instructivo de llenado del formato Aviso de Sospechas de Reacciones Adversas de Medicamentos” (COFEPRIS, 2017).

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