Research Article

Moxibustion Ameliorates Ovarian Reserve in Rats by Mediating Nrf2/HO-1/NLRP3 Anti-Inflammatory Pathway

Figure 3

Effects of moxibustion on ovarian endocrine function. (a) Representative photographs of vaginal smears; from left to right: proestrus, estrus, metestrus, and diestrus (×200, scale bars: 500 μm). (b) The rate of disturbance of estrus cycles (n = 10 each group). Compared with control group, ; compared with DOR group, ; compared with moxibustion group, ; ns: not significant. (c) Representative number of days in each estrus stage. (d, e, f) The changes of sex hormone FSH, E2, and AMH in each group (n = 10 each group). Data was represented as mean ± s. ; ns: not significant; .