Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2021 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Good Self-Care Practice among People Living with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Ethiopia: A National Call to Bolster Lifestyle Changes

Table 1

Characteristics and quality status of the included studies for this systematic review and meta-analysis.

AuthorYearCountryStudy designSample sizeSexAge (years)Good dietary practice (%)Good physical exerciseGood footcare practice (%)Good self-monitoring of blood glucose level (%)Overall good self-care practice (%)Quality status

Kassahun T [32]2016EthiopiaCross-sectional309M = 189≥1851.151.1Low risk
Chali SW [29]2018EthiopiaCross-sectional383M = 209≥1854.3Low risk
Asmelash D [25]2019EthiopiaCross-sectional403M = 216≥1845.448.943.797.574.4Low risk
Abate TW [24]2018EthiopiaCross-sectional416M = 240≥1828.4Low risk
Mariye T [34]2018EthiopiaCross-sectional284NA≥1837.3Low risk
Sorato MM [35]2016EthiopiaCross-sectional194M = 95>1582.450.55.741.2Low risk
Kalayou KB [28]2017EthiopiaCross-sectional300M = 173≥1830.774.051.314.051Low risk
Mamo M [33]2016EthiopiaCross-sectional637M = 290≥1815.425.776.329.060.3Low risk
Ayele K [27]2012EthiopiaCross-sectional222M = 88≥1857.731.141.939.2Low risk
Ayele BH [26]2019EthiopiaCross-sectional320M = 142≥1838.1Low risk
Addisu Y [31]2013EthiopiaCross-sectional310M = 200≥1849.744.520.076.8Low risk
Dedefo MG [30]2019EthiopiaCross-sectional252M = 138≥1869.463.582.915.160.7Low risk
The total sample size of the 12 studies4030M = 1980

M, male; NA, not available (from the included studies, one study did not describe the number of males and females in the study).