Research Article

Protective Effect of XinJiaCongRongTuSiZiWan on the Reproductive Toxicity of Female Rats Induced by Triptolide

Figure 6

TP-induced autophagy of human ovarian granulosa cells through the AMPKα-1/SIRT1/Akt signaling axis. (a) The autophagosome in human ovarian granulosa cells was evaluated using transmission electron microscope. (b, c) The protein level of beclin-1, LC3-II/LC3-I, cleaved-caspase-3, p62, procaspase-3, p-AMPKα-1, p-SIRT1, p-Akt, AMPKα-1, SIRT1, and Akt was determined using the Western blot. The data were expressed after being normalized to β-actin. The means ± SD of three independent samples were shown. compared to the control group. # compared to the TP group. & compared to the TP + XJCRTSZW group.