Table 5: Comparison between the actual data and simulation results (%).

Actual dataBaselineCrisis scenarioPolicy scenario

2009GDP growth rate9.
GDP compositionFinal consumption48.648.451.549.6
Gross fixed capital formation46.742.045.046.0
Net export4.
Contribution to GDP growthFinal consumption45.453.4143.152.7
Gross fixed capital formation95.239.4168.892.3
Net export−40.67.2−211.9−44.9

2010GDP growth rate10.39.611.110.8
GDP compositionFinal consumption47.648.949.649.2
Gross fixed capital formation47.541.643.944.7
Net export4.
Contribution to GDP growthFinal consumption37.354.732.845.3
Gross fixed capital formation54.837.234.432.3
Net export7.98.132.922.4

Source: the actual data come from: