Table 10


Alcohol consumptionTotal per capita (age 15+) ethanol consumption in liters7.501.744.1811.1956
Beer consumptionPer capita (15+) beer consumption1.830.740.793.8956
Spirits consumptionPer capita (15+) spirits consumption4.521.462.097.9256
Wine consumptionPer capita (15+) wine consumption1.150.470.162.1656
Real alcohol priceCPI alcohol/total CPI1.040.200.751.5951
Beer priceCPI beer/CPI0.
Spirits priceCPI spirits/CPI2.591.671.269.2253
Wine priceCPI wine/CPI1.450.860.736.9953
Real incomePer capita real yearly income in zloty 1990 = 100%766.45285.56315.701371.8151
AccidentsMotor vehicle traffic accidents per 100,000 population age 15 and older27.168.2012.2941.2950
Liver cirrhosisDeaths due to liver cirrhosis per 100,000 population age of 20 and older14.163.294.9818.3547
Suicide rateAttempted and committed suicides per 100,000 population age of 15 and older15.134.254.1921.6652
VandalNumber of vandal accidents per 100,000 population7.203.012.4015.1036
Population 65+% Population age of 65 and older9.592.115.3013.3048
Population 15–20% Population between 15 and 208.401.256.5010.7048
Free market variableDummy variable = 1 on and after 19890.300.460.001.0056
VehiclesNumber of vehicles per capita (15+)4143.044526.0772.6014644.0056
BAC01A dummy variable = 1 for BAC 0.010.430.500.001.0056
PopulationTotal population in thousands34117.804188.6825035.0038660.0056