Table 9: Data description.


Income per capitaRGDP per capita(The) World Bank [10]
AidNet ODA as a percentage of GDP (The) World Bank [10]
Initial incomeInitial real GDP per capita(The) World Bank [10]
InflationChanges in the consumer price level(The) World Bank [10]
CorruptionCorruption perception index (CPI)Transparency International
InvestmentGross formation of fixed capital as a share of GDP(The) World Bank [10]
Intra-ECOWAS tradeImports and exports to and from any member country as a share of GDPUNCTAD [23]
World trade populationVolume of trade with the world, excluding ECOWAS, as a share of GDPUNCTAD
Number of inhabitants
(The) World Bank [10, 23]
Broad money supplyM2 as a share of GDP(The) World Bank [10]
WarWar dummy
UEMOACFA franc dummy
Corruption_1994 CPI accuracy dummy