Table 2: Description of independent variables.

VariableDefinitionMedia 1996Media 2006

AgeRespondents' age46.3546.53
Attendance1 if attending to religious services at least once a week0.130.12
Centre1 if respondent’s political affiliation is the centre0.360.34
Complete secondary1 if respondent finished secondary education0.090.13
Full time1 if working full time0.330.30
GodRelevance of God in his/her life (1 to 10 scale)6.667.32
IncomeSatisfaction with current economic situation of his/ her home (1 to 10 scale, 1 means totally unsatisfied)6.736.18
Incomplete secondary1 if respondent has not finished secondary education (but he/she approved the first three years)0.410.35
Man 1 if respondent is a man0.410.44
Married1 if respondent is married or living as married0.610.57
Montevideo1 if living in Montevideo0.500.43
No children 1 if respondent has no children0.240.24
One child1 if respondent has a child0.170.18
Patriotism1 if respondent is proud of Uruguay3.673.70
Right1 if respondent’s political affiliation is the right0.290.23
Single1 if being single0.190.23
Unemployed1 if being unemployed0.060.10
University1 if having a university degree0.070.13