Table 13: Macro results of road investments, funded by reduction of public expenditure (values in table are % variations of variables with respect to reference period).

VariableDefinitionRoad (funded by reduction of other public expenditure)

Ym Aggregate household income0.600.760.510.450.160.38
EV Equivalent variation0.610.760.500.450.160.38
s Wage–3.220.76–0.280.570.140.31
yg Government income1.770.610.840.870.210.69
ye Firms income1.200.871.501.130.291.16
g Total government expenditure–9.08–1.07–3.85–2.39–2.15–11.79
It Total private investment0.791.081.432.510.442.02
e Nominal exchange rate1.10–0.61–0.460.570.23–0.27
GDP GDP0.690.841.030.810.210.70