Table 6: Economic data for corn, cotton and soybeans production.

CropCash Price: BaselineaCash Price: Scenario 
(a) 56.7 
Cash Price: Scenario 
(b) 132.3 
Accounting CostscDirect PaymentsdBase acreagee


Cash prices are expressed in US $ ton−1 [32]. bSource: [36]. cAccounting costs are expressed in US $ ha−1 and are comprised of fixed and variable costs but do not include opportunity costs [33]. dDirect payments are expressed in US $ ton−1. The total agricultural subsidy is calculated by multiplying the direct payment rate times 83.3% of the base acreage times the yield [31]. eBase acreage is expressed in ha and it was estimated as the average farm size in Alabama in 2007 (source: [32]).