Table 4: Average monthly household food consumption by groups of commodities (O.R.) in the Sultanate of Oman.

Groups of commodities 1999-20002007-2008

Cereals products18.1013.0717.5412.31
Meat and poultry23.3016.8223.3016.36
Dairy and eggs15.0010.8314.8010.39
Oil and fats3.402.453.062.15
Vegetables 14.2010.2513.289.32
Sugar products5.103.685.073.56
Nonalcoholic beverages9.206.649.486.65
Food from restaurants 12.408.9522.0215.46
Food from own production9.707.005.894.14
Total food consumption138.50100142.43100
Total consumption456.04494.55
Food as percentage of total consumptions30.3728.80

Source: main results of the Sultanate Expenditure and Income Survey for 1999-2000, Ministry of National Economy. Data for 2007-2008 are from nonpublished tables provided by the Ministry of National Economy.