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Research Article

The Cultural Dependence of the Ethical Sensitivity Scale Questionnaire: The Case of Iranian Kurdish Teachers

Table 2

Factor structure and alpha loadings of the ethical sensitivity scale.


Reading and expressing emotionsEs1 _ 1,  es1_2,  es1_3,  es1_4 0.46
Caring by connecting to othersEs2_5, es2_6, es2_7, es2_80.60
Taking the perspectives of otherses3_9, es3_10, es3_11, es3_120.66
Working with interpersonal and group differencesEs4_13, es4_14, es4_14, es4_16 0.64
Preventing social biasEs5_17, es5_18, es5_19, es5_200.45
Generating interpretations and optionsEs6_21, es6_22, es6_23, es6_240.69
Identifying the consequences of actions and optionsEs7 _25, es7_26, es7_27, es7_28 0.53