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Research Article

Dissertation to Journal Article: A Systematic Approach

Table 7

Trimming the length.

AspectReason for trimming

Research questionsIf the dissertation covers several distinct research questions, narrow the focus.
ResultsTry to bring results under control.
PresentationTry to avoid the common presentation pitfalls of many novice writers.
ConventionsCertain conventions in dissertations do not lend themselves to the presentation format for journals.
ReferencesBe selective in the references that are reported in the literature review.
Writing styleStrive for clarity, delete extraneous words, avoid excessive reporting and repetition, be explicit, use the active voice, and use correct grammar.
Interpretation of dataBe careful not to overinterpret the data. Show restraint in forming the conclusions.
Careful conversionReviewers and editors easily recognise a manuscript that has been carelessly converted from a dissertation.

Sources: Cone and Foster [2], Calfee and Valencia [8], and Carver [9].