Research Article

Teacher Design Using Online Learning Resources: A Comparative Case Study of Science and Mathematics Teachers

Table 3

Data source details.

Data sourceDescription

Before/After survey Participants completed online surveys at the start and end of the TTPD.

IA project contentParticipants designed and implemented two IA projects, one each after Workshop 1 and Workshop 2.

IA usage dataAutomatically collected data of participants’ use of the IA, including number of logins, IA projects created, number of online resources collected, and number of times IA projects were viewed.

Reflection papersParticipants responded to 6 prompts.
(1) Describe how you designed this lesson to be taught and used.
(2) Describe successes and difficulties in implementing the activity with your students.
(3) How did the use of the Instructional Architect change the way in which you taught this material compared to how you have taught it in the past?
(4) Describe how you could use the learning resources you found to use in Instructional Architect projects in your classroom in the future.
(5) How did you find learning resources to use in your IA project?
(6) The goal of this workshop is to empower teachers with the skills and tools necessary to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practice. In your opinion, how effective is the workshop at accomplishing this goal?

Semistructured interview
(45 minutes)
Participants responded to these general prompts.
(1) How did using the IA and online resources influence your instructional methods?
(2) Describe how you used these IA projects in your class; for example, did you have the students in small groups, whole class, individually?
(3) What you think your students learned from this activity? Do you think what they learned would have been different if they had done it without using technology?