Table 1: Contexts for the different SSIs used in the pre- and posttest questionnaire on socioscientific decision making.


Describing socioscientific issues Issue no. 1:
Uncontrolled Collection of Rattan in the Indonesian Rainforest
Issue no. 1:
Overfishing of Tuna around Tonga in the South Pacific
Developing solutions to socioscientific issuesIssue no. 2:
Oil Production and its Side Effects in the Siberian Tundra
Issue no. 2:
Soy Production in Rainforest Areas in Paraguay

Evaluating solutions to socioscientific issuesIssue no. 3:
Shrimp Aquaculture in Mangrove Areas in Indonesia
Issue no. 3:
Collection of Hoodia for Medicine Production in the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa