Table 2: Relationship between USE school dropout at ages 15–18 and individual factors, 2012 (marginal effects from Probit estimation).

Independent variableCoefficient (1)Coefficient (2)

Oportunidades beneficiary−0.67−0.56
Female-Oportunidades interaction−0.12
Household per capita income−0.21−0.02
Value of household assets−0.08−0.04
Rural area0.120.12
Access to health services−0.13−0.28
Education of household head−0.02−0.02
Education of head’s spouse−0.04−0.07
Unemployed household head0.120.16
Household size0.020.01
No. observations1,559 1,559
Pseudo 0.230.23

Source: author’s estimations from ENIGH data.
Statistically significant at 90%, statistically significant at 95%.
statistically significant at 99%.