Table 7


(1) Positive Emotions(a) Positive Emotions before RET(i) Excited (ex. To learn more in their field, gained specialized science knowledge)
(b) Positive Emotions after RET(ii) Satisfaction and excited (ex. To have an authentic lab experience and learn research science by working alongside a scientist)
(iii) Confident and determined (ex. To bring back to their students and to classroom teaching their newly gained research science knowledge and skills)

(2) Negative Emotions(a) Negative Emotions before RET(i) Scared, overwhelmed, intimidated, lack of confidence (ex. Not having any similar prior experience to this and not knowing the expectations)
(b) Negative Emotions after RET(ii) Overwhelmed (ex. To learn a lot, to know that there is more out there)

(3) Social values(a) Networking inside the PD program(i) Opportunities provided by the program to network and collaborate with teachers from different schools but enrolled in the same PD program
(a) Networking outside the PD program(ii) Opportunities provided via the PD program to continue networking and collaborate with other teachers in professional organizations