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Preservice Teachers’ Learning to Respond on the Basis of Children’s Mathematical Understanding

Table 6

Summary of PSTs’ responses in the two assignments.

Component skillInquiry into Student Thinking% # of PSTs responsesTutoring assignment% # of PSTs’ responses

Attending to children’s strategiesMost mathematical details40% ()Most mathematical details73.3% ()
Some mathematical details56.7% ()Some mathematical details23.3% ()
Lack of any mathematical details3.3% ()Lack of any mathematical details3.3% ()

Interpreting Children’s mathematical understandingRobust evidence60% ()Robust evidence70% ()
Limited evidence33.3% ()Limited evidence23.3% ()
Lack of evidence6.7% ()Lack of evidence6.7% ()

Responding based on children’s mathematical understandingRobust evidence13.3% ()Robust evidence36.7% ()
Limited evidence60% ()Limited evidence33.3% ()
Lack of evidence26.7% ()Lack of evidence30.0% ()