Emergency Medicine International / 2019 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Comparison of Reliability and Validity of the Chinese Four-Level and Three-District Triage Standard and the Australasian Triage Scale

Table 1

Interrater reliability for the CHT and ATS.

Triage systemk scores95% CI

CHT by instructor group with CHT by assistant group (n = 254)0.6860.608–0.757
ATS by instructor group with ATS by assistant group (n = 254)0.7310.663–0.790
CHT with ATS (n = 1552)0.6540.622–0.689
CHT with ATS (combination of level 3 and level 4, n = 1552)0.6300.594–0.669

Note. CHT, three-district and four-level triage standards of the Chinese Ministry of Health; ATS, Australasian Triage Scale.