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Risk Values of Weight and Body Mass Index for Chest Wall Thickness in Patients Requiring Needle Thoracostomy Decompression

Table 3

of proposed models.

2nd ICS3rd ICS4th ICS5th ICS2nd ICS3rd ICS4th ICS5th ICS

Model 10.4080.4920.4630.3910.5040.6540.6170.593
Model 20.4050.4920.4680.3990.4940.6470.6130.587
Model 30.3380.4040.3890.3250.4860.6140.5620.535
Model 40.3460.4330.3930.3680.3850.5690.5830.583
Model 50.3180.3870.3610.3210.4380.5910.5600.533

Model 1 consisted of three variables, namely, age, height, and weight. Model 2 consisted of two variables, namely, age and BMI. Model 3 consisted of two variables, namely, age and weight. Model 4 consisted of the variable BMI. Model 5 consisted of the variable weight.