Table 1: World oilcrops distribution [6].

Fats and oilsWorld production (million tons)Five major producers

Animal fat24.4USA, China, Brazil, Germany, and France
Coconut oil3.7Philippines, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Mexico
Cottonseed oil4.8China, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and USA
Groundnut oil5.3China, India, Nigeria, Myanmar, and Sudan
Linseed oil0.6China, Belgium, USA, Ethiopia, and India
Maize oil2.3USA, China, Japan, Brazil, and South Africa
Olive oil2.9Spain, Italy, Greece, Syrian Arab Republic, and Tunisia
Palm kernel oil5.6Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Thailand, and Colombia
Palm oil23.9Malaysia, Nigeria, Thailand, Colombia, and Côte d’Ivoire
Rapeseed oil21.2China, Germany, India, Canada, and France
Safflower oil0.1India, USA, and Argentina
Sesame oil0.9Myanmar, China, India, Sudan, and Japan
Soybean oil36.0USA, China, Brazil, Argentine and India
Sunflower oil13.0Russian Federation, Ukraine, Argentine, Turkey, and France