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Production of Biomass-Degrading Multienzyme Complexes under Solid-State Fermentation of Soybean Meal Using a Bioreactor

Table 6

Comparison of biomass-degrading enzymes production by Aspergillus strains cultivated under SSF.

OrganismSubstrateIncubation timeXylanase (IU/g)Endoglucanase (IU/g)FPAse (IU/g)Reference

Aspergillus terreus M11Corn stover96 h563231[25]
A. niger NS-2Wheat bran96 h31017[26]
Aspergillus fumigatus freseniusRice straw5 days2800240.29.73[27]
A. terreus Rice straw7 days233.710.96[28]
Aspergillus niger NRRL-567Apple pomace48 h1412.58172.31133.68[29]
A. niger P47C3Soybean bran5 days484.21525.6[14]
MTCC 7956Wheat bran72 h135.444.55[30]
A. niger KK2Rice straw4–6 days507012919.5[31]
A. niger BTLOrange peels6 days77.160.5[32]
A. niger Wheat bran72 h56.1[6]
A. niger Soybean meal96 h47.735.10.55This work
A. niger Wheat bran48 h 170301.13[33]
A. nidulans MTCC344Sugarcane bagasse8 days28.96[34]
A. niger Wheat bran72 h210.4[13]
A. humusWheat bran and rice straw5 days74012.946.28[35]
A. niger Mango residue74 h7.262.55[36]
A. awamori Grape pomace and orange peels10 days325.4[37]
A. niger 3T5B8Mango peel24 h50.828.75[38]
A. niger Sugarcane bagasse and soybean meal96 h3099 [10]