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Optimisation of Cellulase Production by Penicillium funiculosum in a Stirred Tank Bioreactor Using Multivariate Response Surface Analysis

Table 6

Experimental validation of optimal conditions for cellulase production, predicted using the multivariate desirability function.

Agitation (rpm)Aeration (vvm)FPase activity (U·L−1)Endoglucanase activity (U·L−1) -Glucosidase activity (U·L−1)Protein concentration (mg·L−1)

Predicted values
FPase activity (U·L−1)2150.9460
Endoglucanase activity (U·L−1)2450.69626
-Glucosidase activity (U·L−1)2600.62467
Protein concentration (mg·L−1)2141.0189

Observed values
Bioreactor (120 h)220 0.6508 ± 12.19204 ± 142.22395 ± 24.8245 ± 15.9