Figure 1: Recombinant T. reesei CBHII produced in W. anomalus 54-A. (a) PCR-positive clones of W. anomalus 54-A were evaluated at 55 mL scale and the activity of recombinant T. reesei CBHII was assayed in the extracellular fraction. Among the four PCR-positive clones, only W. anomalus 54-A Celo 3.2 clone showed CBHII activity. No activity was observed in W. anomalus 54-A transfected with the empty vector. Each clone was evaluated in triplicate. (b) Crude extracellular extracts from W. anomalus 54-A Celo 3.2 at 0 and 92 h were evaluated by SDS-PAGE, followed by silver staining. The arrow indicates the recombinant CBHII.