Figure 5: Chrysanthemum wastes degradation assay. The effect of recombinant CBHII on cellulose hydrolysis was evaluated by using Chrysanthemum wastes. Flasks that contained 1% Chrysanthemum wastes were incubated for 20 days at 150 rpm and 30°C with a crude culture broth from Penicillium sp. containing wild-type cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes (Ce-Hem extract), concentrated recombinant CBHII extract from W. anomalus 54-A (rCBHII), and a 1 : 1 Ce-Hem : rCBHII extracts mixture. Results are reported as g L−1 of reducing sugars per unit of CBHII after subtraction of the results obtained with the control cultures. . The table shows the enzyme activities of CBHII, β-glucosidase (BG), and endoglucanase (EG) present in the enzymatic extracts at the beginning of the assay.