Table 1: Included studies of outcomes following resective surgery in children with tuberous sclerosis and intractable epilepsy.

First author
Year of publicationCountry of originNumber of subjectsPercentage seizure-free

Perot [21]1966Canada743
Bebin [22]1993USA771
Avellino [23]1997USA950
Baumgartner [24]1997USA425
Guerreiro [25]1998Canada1267
Asano [26]2000USA771
Koh [27]2000USA1373
Karenfort [5]2002Germany888
Kagawa [28]2005USA1771
Lachhwani [29]2005USA1771
Jansen [3]2006Netherlands367
Kamimura [30]2006Japan3100
Weiner [31]2006USA2592
Jansen [32] 2007Netherlands667
Teutonico [33]2008Italy/USA1145
Major [34]2009USA367
Wen [35]2009China475
van der Heide [36]2010Netherlands667
Liang [37]2010China1776
Aboian [4]2011USA650