Clinical Study

Epileptic Encephalopathy in Children with Risk Factors for Brain Damage

Table 1

Number of children that present specific risk factors.

FactorNumber of children

Prenatal risk factors
 Abortion threat1
 Vesicoureteral infections1
 Aged mother1
 Tobacco use2
 Addiction to solvents1
Perinatal risk factors
 Severe asphyxia (3 with cardio  respiratory arrest)6
 Neonatal sepsis (1 with septic shock)4
 Neonatal seizures4
 Hyperbilirubinemia multifactorial4
 Respiratory distress4
 Acute fetal distress2
 Meconium aspiration2
 Congenital malformations2
 Dystocic delivery1
 Placental abruption1