Table 3: Neuropsychological outcome comparison between dominant and nondominant SelAH and ATL surgical groups.

Dominant SelAH
Dominant ATL
Nondominant SelAH
Nondominant ATL

Change verbal memory PC−0.7 (1.3)−0.5 (0.8)0.2 (0.5)0.4 (0.7)
Change visuospatial memory PC0.2 (0.6)0.3 (0.8)0.1 (1.2)0.3 (1.0)
Change IQ PC−0.4 (0.9)0.0 (0.8)−0.2 (0.7)0.1 (1.0)
Change BNT−1.0 (7.0)−4.0 (8.6)0.1 (2.7)−0.6 (4.7)

Note: change in BNT for the dominant ATL group is based on . PC: principal component score; BNT is postop-preop total score. Mean and standard deviation for PC and naming scores; no differences are observed between SelAH and ATL in the dominant groups or in the nondominant groups .