Table 2: Nortes and dry seasons median, minimum, and maximum () nutrient content (%), sterols, and stanols (µg g−1 D.W.) in sediments surrounding X’Buya-Ha. TC: total carbon; TN: total nitrogen; TP: total phosphorus; OM: organic matter; : carbonates; CO: coprostanol; EP: epicoprostanol; CH: cholesterol; CHL: cholestanol; CA: campesterol; CAL: campestanol; ST: stigmasterol; STL: stigmastanol; DI: dinosterol; SI: sitosterol; SIL: sitostanol.

Nortes season (Feb’12)Dry season (May’13)

Sediment nutrients ()

Sterols µg g-1 D.W.

ND: not detected, below detection limit.