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Structural Controls of Uranium Mineralization in the Basement of the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada

Figure 2

ATV data display as presented in this work. The “Gamma log” column presents the ABI GR gamma probing. The “Litho” column comes from Orano drill hole database (legend is on the side). The “Struct” column displays the interpreted intervals as indicated in the legend on the side. The Amplitude-HS and the 3D correspond to the ATV images as explained in the text. The “Picked planes” are the picked planes for oriented data. The “Oriented data” displays symbols with the measured planes with the true azimuth (north on the top of the page) on a scale of true dip from 0 (left) to 90° (right) (vertical line grid) of each measured plane. Each value is represented by a structural tick of which the legend is at the side. ATV from drill hole S830A. The structural features picked from ATV images providing true dip and azimuth, following [39], are illustrated in Figure 2.