Table 1: The origin of the cotton primary monosomics from cytogenetic collection developed in Uzbekistan (radiation).

Dose of irradiation (Gy)Number of primary monosomics*Monosomic lines**

Irradiation of seeds by thermal neutrons

35120Mo56, Mo62

Irradiation of pollen by gamma rays

10542Mo10, Mo39, Mo40, Mo50, Mo81, Mo82
15491Mo3, Mo31, Mo53
201183Mo4, Mo7, Mo11, Mo22, Mo27, Mo28, Mo34, Mo35, Mo36, Mo66, Mo75, Mo89
251430Mo9, Mo13, Mo15, Mo16, Mo17, Mo19, Mo38, Mo46, Mo48, Mo76, Mo77

*A total number of primary monosomics in Table 1 is 74 that were developed using thermal neutron (10 monosomics) and gamma ray (64 monosomics) treatments. Remaining 18 primary monosomics were developed from desynaptic plants that were shown in Table 2. **From these 74 primary monosomics developed using irradiation, 34 monosomic lines were developed, and this number does not reflect the fertility or transmission ability of primary monosomics.