Figure 7: Clonal analysis of the requirement of PB in hh-GAL4 expression. All clones were generated in the genotype y w; PUASRFP}/PhspFLP}; PUAStrcS292A T453A}, FRT82B pb27hh-GAL4/FRT82B PUbiGFP}. Panels (A)–(D) are a pupal wing and panels (E)–(H) are a pupal maxillary palp. Panels (A) and (E) are GFP expression; panels (B) and (F) are GFP expression (green) and nuclei visualized with DAPI (red); panels (C) and (G) are RFP expression; and panels (D) and (H) are GFP (green) and RFP (blue) expression with the nuclei visualized with DAPI (red). The two arrowheads in panels (A)–(D) indicate clones of cells that are homozygous for UbiGFP and have lost RFP expression due to loss of hh-GAL4. In panels (E)–(H), the arrow indicates the developing distal maxillary palp, and the arrowhead indicates a pb27 mutant clone that shows strong expression of RFP indicating strong expression of hh-GAL4.