Clinical Study

Short Bowel Patients Treated for Two Years with Glucagon-Like Peptide 2 (GLP-2): Compliance, Safety, and Effects on Quality of Life

Table 5

Evaluation of treatment satisfaction.

1 Totally Agree, 2 Agree a lot, 3 Agree, 4 Disagree, 5 Disagree a lot, 6 Totally disagree( )

1. GLP-2 allows me to do, what I please to do.
2. I would definitely recommend the GLP-2 medication to others who share my symptoms.
3. I am not satisfied with the medication I current receive for my symptoms.
4. I am satisfied with the rapid onset of action of GLP-2.
5. I feel, that GLP-2 is the best medication available on the market for me.
6. I am satisfied with the GLP-2 medication that I have received for my symptoms.
7. The medication enables med to eat and drink whatever I please.