Case Report

Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C in a Patient Affected by Systemic Sclerosis

Table 2

International scoring system for diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis. This scoring system defines a “definitive autoimmune hepatitis” for values >+15 before treatment; “probable autoimmune hepatitis” is defined for values between 10, and 15 before treatment. Our patient presented total score +5 (very unlikely diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis).

ParameterPatient’s resultsScoreParameterPatient’s results Score

GenderFemale+2Hepatotoxic dugs exposure No+1
AP : AST ratio<3.0+2Alcohol <25 g/day+2
-globulin level above-normal1.0–1.5+1HLA DR3 o DR4 No0
AutoantibodiesANA > 1 : 80+3Other autoimmune diseaseyes+2
Antimitochondrial AntibodiesNegative0Other markersNegative0
Viral markersHCV RNA positive−3Histological features None−5

AP : AST ratio: ratio of alkaline phosphatase level to aspartate aminotransferase level; ANA: antinuclear antibodies.