Table 2: Options for management of psychological disorders in patients with IBD.

Psychological problemsCourse of IBDQuality of life

Supportive-expressive and psychodynamic therapyKeller et al. [80] and Wietersheim et al. [81]IneffectiveIneffectiveNot reported
CBT or stress managementBoye et al. [45, 82], Sibaja et al. [83], Schwarz and Blanchard [84], Mussell et al. [85], Szigethy et al. [86]EffectiveIneffectiveEffective
Garcia-Vega and Fernandez-Rodriguez [87],
and Shaw and Ehrlich [88]
EffectiveEffectiveNot reported
IBD-focused counselingWahed et al. [89]EffectiveEffectiveNot reported
Lifestyle modification programLanghorst et al. [26, 90]EffectiveNot reportedEffective
Mind-body therapyElsenbruch et al. [91]EffectiveNot reportedEffective
AntidepressantsMikocka-Walus et al. [7, 92]EffectiveControversialNot reported