Table 1: Demographic and treatment data on 34 patients with PMCA from appendix cancer who received neoadjuvant systemic chemotherapy prior to cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC. None of these clinical parameters were predictive of histological response.

Patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapyPatients not treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy value

Age (mean)47.948.80.66
Histological subtype0.37
 Signet ring94
Lymph node status0.62
Number of preoperative chemotherapy cyclesN/A
 6 cycles12
 12 cycles22
Chemotherapy regimensN/A
Use of bevacizumabN/A
Gross assessment of response at cytoreductionN/A
 Stable or response16
Histological assessment of response
 No response24
 Complete or near-complete response10