Table 1: Patient characteristics.

PatientAge (yr)GenderCEA (ng/mL)Amylase
CytologyImagingEndoscopy Surgical pathology

B181Female87.414700EUS-FNA: no malignant cells MRI: multiple septated cysts, largest 19 mm communicating with main PD 6 mmEUS: multiple cysts, 17 mm communicating with main PDBD-IPMN, moderate dysplasia
B261Female8.83EUS-FNA: no malignant cellsMRI: 23 mm cyst communicating with nondilated main PDEUS: 22 mm pancreatic cyst with nondilated 2 mm main PD N/A
B360Female598040085EUS-FNA: nondiagnosticCT: 19 mm cyst communicating with nondilated main PDEUS: 21 mm septated pancreatic cystBD-IPMN, LGD
B469Male236386.7EUS-FNA: nondiagnosticMRI: 19 mm septated cyst not communicating with nondilated main PDEUS: 14 mm pancreatic cystBD-IPMN, LGD
B570Female278265EUS-FNA: nondiagnosticMRI: multiple septated cyst, largest 19 mm communicating with nondilated main PDEUS: 13 mm pancreatic cyst with nondilated 1.6 mm main PDN/A
M167Female632.237574EUS-FNA of cysts in tail: atypical cellsMRI: multiple BD-IPMN with main PD dilation consistent with mixed IPMNEUS: 3.2 × 1.8 cm cluster of cysts in tailMixed IPMN, HGD
M286FemaleN/AN/AERCP: IPMN, LGDMRI: diffusely dilated main PD, 5.2 cm cyst head/uncinate pancreas consistent with mixed IPMNERCP: mucus at papillaMixed IPMN, LGD
M385FemaleN/AN/AERCP: adenocarcinomaCT: diffuse MD-IPMNEUS and ERCP: massively dilated main PD, mucus at papillaMixed IPMN, HGD, foci
invasive adenocarcinoma
M478Female46<10EUS-FNA of cyst in body:
no malignant cells
CT: 2.4 cm cyst in body of pancreasEUS: 3.3 cm cyst in bodyMixed IPMN, LGD
M579Male20N/AEUS-FNA of cyst in uncinate:
no malignant cells
CT and MRI: mixed IPMN with 4.8 cm cyst in head of pancreas and dilated main PDEUS: 3.4 cm cyst in uncinate with dilated main PD 7 mmN/A

N/A: not available; LGD: low grade dysplasia; HGD: high grade dysplasia.