Table 2: Comparison of resistance of H. pylori strains to clarithromycin and levofloxacin between 2006–2008 [13] and 2009–2011.

Antimicrobial agentNo. (%) of H. pylori-resistant strains
2006–2008 [13]2009–2011P value(1)

CLA(2)39 (34%)11 (22%)0,16 NS(3)
LEV(2)6 (5%)8 (16%)0,05(4)

(1)P value (chi-square test) with the Yates correction. P≤ 0.05 was deemed statistically significant.
(2)CLA: clarithromycin, LEV: levofloxacin.
(3)NS: non significant.
(4)Statistically significant differences between the level of resistance in the years 2006–2008 and 2009–2011.