Clinical Study

Silicea Gastrointestinal Gel Improves Gastrointestinal Disorders: A Non-Controlled, Pilot Clinical Study

Table 1

Changes of symptom scores for upper abdomen, and lower abdomen (mean, standard deviation, minimum, maximum, value 2sided Wilcoxon-test).

MeanSDMinMax value

V2 (day 21)–V0 upper abdomen6210,925,0−4092<0.002
V3 (day 42)–V2 (day 21) upper a.627,721,2−5177<0.003
V3–V0 upper abdomen6218,526,6−2691<0.001
V2 (day 21)–V0 lower abdomen6212,118,0−3257<0.001
V3 (day 42)–V2 (day 21) lower a.624,914,0−3244<0.003
V3–V0 lower abdomen6217,019,5−2765<0.001