Table 1: Characteristics of the reports of the literature regarding the portal vein thrombosis in inflammatory bowel disease.

AuthorNo. of patients
Biochemical risk factors for PVTTherapyOutcome

Maconi8 (6 CD; 2 UC)(i) Lupus anticoagulant (1)  
(ii) Increased von Willebrand factor (2)
(iii) Increased homocysteine levels (4 with mutation of MTHFR-677-3 Ht)
Anticoagulant (4) Recanalization
Lefevre1 (UC)Ht for prothrombin-G20210A mutationOral anticoagulantRecanalization
Jackson3 (1 UC; 2 CD)Lupus anticoagulant + Ht for factor V Leiden mutation (1 pt)Oral anticoagulantNA
Ibele1 (UC)NoneOral anticoagulantRecanalization
Di Fabio1 (CD)NoneThrombobectomy + oral anticoagulantRecanalization
Aguas1 (CD)NoneHeparinRecanalization
Palkovist1 (UD)NoneLMWHPortal cavernoma
Latzman1 (CD)Ht for prothrombin-G20210A mutaionThrombobectomy + oral anticoagulantRecanalization
Hatoum3 (CD)Factor V Leiden mutation (1) LMWH + oral anticoagulant (1 pt)Recanalization
Shaked1 (CD)NoneHeparin + oral anticoagulantRecanalization
Guglielmi1 (CD)NoneThrombolysis + LMWHRecanalization
Verna1 (UC)Elevated FVIINo therapyAtrophy of left hepatic lobe
Mijnhout1 (CD)1 (CD)Heparin + oral anticoagulantRecanalization
Fichera4 (1 CD, 3 UC)Ht for prothrombin-G20210A mutationOral anticoagulantRecanalization
Remzi41 (26 UC, 15 IC)NAAnticoagulation (8 pts)Recanalization (5/13 pts)
Portal cavernoma (1/13 pt)
No change (7/13 pts)
Hagimoto1 (UC)NAThrombolysis + oral anticoagulantRecanalization
Schafer1 (CD)NoneThrombolysisRecanalization
Farkas1 (UC)NoneOral anticoagulantRecanalization
Tsujikawa1 (CD)NoneThrombolysis + heparin + oral anticoagulantRecanalization
Tung1 (CD)NoneLMWHRecanalization
Miyazaki1 (UC)NoneThrombolysis + oral anticoagulantRecanalization
Irving4 (CD)NoneLMWH + oral anticoagulantRecanalization
Mathieu1 (CD)Acquired protein C deficiencyLMWHRecanalization
Crowe1 (CD)NoneOral anticoagulantRecanalization
Brinberg1 (CD)NoneHeparinRecanalization

Ht: heterozygosis, LMWH: low molecular weight heparin, IC: indeterminate colitis, UC: ulcerative colitis, CD: Crohn’s disease, and MTHFR: methyl-tetrahydrofolate reductase.